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Here are a selection of testimonials about Sudan and CITC Sudan

I am an American currently serving a one-year contract with Cambridge in Khartoum. Although I?ve traveled often, this is my first time to live for an extended period overseas. Thus, I have had all the normal apprehension in adjusting to a new environment, and specifically the
environment of a nation that is still developing.

Still, I must say with all honesty that I have enjoyed my time in Khartoum and at Cambridge very much. This is for a couple of reasons. First, the people of Sudan are very, very inviting and welcoming.        
culture and Arab culture are very hospitable in general, but even in the Arab world, Sudan has a reputation for being especially hospitable. I have been constantly invited to spend time with local people, learn with local people about their way of life, and share in
many exciting activities (celebrations, weddings, etc.) Also, the classroom culture in Sudan is quite different from some western environments in that there is a great reverence and respect for teachers. Students are highly motivated and eager to learn everything they can from a classroom experience. This includes everyone from
teenagers to government officials that I've had the opportunity to teach in my classes. While I?ve definitely enjoyed the people aspect here, I confess I knew from a previous short trip that the people have
the sensibility that they do.

 My fears in coming were related more to the everyday way of life and potential safety issues. The second reason that I've enjoyed my time here is the fact that the way of life is much more ?normal? and ?natural? than I anticipated.

Nearly everything you could possibly want or need from the western world is here (from high-speed internet to satellite television to peanut butter and jelly to fish and chips). Also, there is very little ?street? crime as you may expect in big cities in North America or
Western Europe.

 There are very few burglaries and almost no murders,
for example. Also, my wife has been embraced openly and respectfully by everyone, including the very religious men. Finally, there is quick and easy transportation everywhere you need to go. Even the issues that I was most concerned about (the Darfur crisis and the very
hot weather) have been different than you might expect. In the five years of the Darfur crisis, only one time has any fighting come near the outside parts of Khartoum?and that was for only 2 days, with high levels of local and U.N. security preventing anything from entering Khartoum itself. The other five years of fighting have all happened thousands of miles and across many mountains to the west.

The heat issue has been difficult at times?some days can be near 50 degrees C (120 degrees F). However, most homes have very nice air coolers, and the school environment and school housing are equipped with air conditioning. It took me a couple of weeks when I first arrived to adapt, but now I feel quite comfortable most of the time. As I said,
overall, my experience has been quite fulfilling.

Adrian Troyer

Sam Lawton from Britain with CITCs staff in a picnic 2005.

I was there for one year.  I love Khartoum; you will make friends for life.  It's a progressive school and is always expanding into different areas.

samsun Lawton Wright




Adrian Troyer and his wife

2008-Still Working



Graduation Ceremony

 Mr.Bulterman , Academic Manager




Judy Cracknell


My wife and I worked for Cambridge International and with Mr. Salah from May, 2004 till the end of December, 2004.  We came to Sudan after teaching in Turkey.

Overall, we found the experience enjoyable and the experience was once in a lifetime.  There aren't many advertised teaching jobs in Africa.  The students were some of the best we have encountered during our years of international teaching.

Mr. Salah was one of the best bosses I have ever worked for.  His office was always open and he is a good listener.  I had a lot of suggestions that he listened to and implemented.  We did not agree on everything, but on most things we did.  He always paid us on time.

As far as the education, it's what the students and teachers make of it.  I enjoyed teaching my business classes and students did improve and progress.  Education really does make a difference.

I found Sudan to be a very safe place both in Khartoum and traveling around the country.  The police were always interested in my traveling documents but no problems occurred.  Mr. Salah helped make living in Sudan as easy as possible.

When we were there, there was only one mall but the grocery store there was reasonably well stocked.  Sometimes annoying was the electrical outages from several minutes to several hours.

I would not say there is a tremendous amount of sights to see in Sudan, but that is not a reason you should go there.  There is diving in the Red Sea and one can travel to other parts of Africa.  Be part of Africa and you will understand it much better.  It's a great story to tell your grand kids.

We were able to save money in Sudan.  Khartoum is not a cheap city but with rent and electricity and transportation support provided, it's alright.  We were not people who spent a lot of money, so we found the place affordable.If you have always wanted the experience of teaching and living in Africa, my vote would be to go for it.  Mr. Salah will take care of you the best that he can as he has a vested interest in keeping his teachers happy.  But also remember it's a developing third world country and you must lower your expectations and be flexible.

Let me know if I have missed a few spots or if you want more detail.

Joe Bulterman

International School of Choueifat

PO Box 2077

University City Road, Industrial No. 6

Nr. Cricket Stadium


+971 6 558 2211

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I was there for one year.  I love Khartoum, you will make friends for life.  It's a progressive school and is always expanding into different areas.  It's very safe, you don't need to worry about that.  You can drink alcohol in the British Embassy where they have a club there.  Some people have posted bad things about the school because they expect a western mindset and can't handle the heat and change of culture.  

You will get good accommodation, A/C, and sky tv.

The money is more then enough, you can shop as the locals do and live very cheaply if you shop at the markets.  Multi vitamins are very cheap.  You will find khartoum a modern city.  YOu can fly to addis ababa on your holidays, just an hour flight.


samsun lawton-wright


Dear Salah,

I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to say "goodbye" in person and to thank you for your kindness to me while I was in Sudan. 

I had a good flight and am settling in well in Libya.  I think we'll be starting work next week, but in the meantime, we're being treated to sightseeing and general Libyan hospitality.  Of course, I am very anxious to get back into the classroom.

Again, thanks for everything.