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CITC believe it is extremely important to identify, evaluate, and encourage excellent work habits as an integral part of work productivity. We are strongly committed to fostering a unique, effective and team oriented culture at CITC. This commitment is clearly reflects in our institute values: Balance . hard work. Fun. Integrity. Respect. individual accountability.  Reward.

The continuing significant growth of CITCs teachers team creates the exciting challenge of instilling a common vision and set of values that reinforce the CITC culture. Employees joining CITC are selected, in part, on the basis of the skill and experience they bring to the school. Of equal or greater importance is the commitment that they will harmonize with and over time, strengthen the culture that makes CITC an attractive place to work. A measure of commitment to fostering such a culture was envisioned by the management team. So as a reward to the team, CITC, arranges trips to Sudan safaris parks, organizes picnics, engage teachers in social gathering and involvement in social and sport clubs.

CITC strives to make the foreigners experience pleasurable and enjoyable.

Sam Lawton from Britain with CITCs staff in a picnic 2005.

I was there for one year.  I love Khartoum; you will make friends for life.  It's a progressive school and is always expanding into different areas.

samsun Lawton Wright

Judy from Canada, Tamara from Britain, christina from USA and Santasia from South Africa with CITCs staff in a picnic . ,

Johan from Canada in her office.

This magnificent teacher taught the president wife.

Melissa from Canada and some of CITCs staff in a picnic .


Pandora  from Britain  taking pictures for the river Nile.

CITC used to celebrate the arrivals of new teachers. This photo was in a celebration party of Mr. John Sheridan and his partner (British) when arrived to Sudan late 2005.

Mr. John Sheridan and his partner (British) when arrived to Sudan late 2005.

Johan from Canada with CITCs staff in a picnic .

Judy Cracknell from Canada with CITCs staff in a picnic .

Melissa and Judy from Canada with some of CITCs staff playing game in a picnic

Adrian Troyer and his wife in a Sudanese wedding with Sudanese national dress

Johan from Canada and Nstasia from South Africa in with Sudanese HINA (national arts in the hands and arms).

Mr. David Campey from Britain in national occasion receiving national gifts from locals. -