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The school has 2 complex each consist of 8 apartments.

One Complex allocated in Khartoum and the other one allocated in Bahry . Each complex are equipped with a standby electric generator and have a security guard.

Apartments are either  2 or 3 bedrooms .

The school will provide a lockable fully furnished private room in a secure location. Kitchen, toilet and dining facilities will be shared with another foreign staff members, and will be fully furnished, including a television and satellite . The kitchen will contain a refrigerator, cooking facilities and hot and cold running water. The toilet facilities will contain a western-style toilet and bathing facilities with hot and cold running water. The school will pay for all utilities (water, gas, electricity, and satellite television.)

Please watch the film on the right side of this page bearing in mind that we are allocated in a  3rd world country so do not come with great expectations.

Accommodation of Bahry Complex - Film Date March 2010

Bahry Complex

Khartoum Complex